Weekly Schedule


6:00pm                 Yin with Meditation (75)

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£5 for 45 min classes 

£6 for 60 min classes

£7 for 75 min classes

£8 for 90 min classes

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5 Day Challenge

Lost your mojo?

Want to see which classes suit you?

Buy this pass and get on the mat

5 days in a row, 5 classes.

Move back to your body and your practice.


Monthly Challenge

Challenge yourself to a month of yoga

Every week Monday-Friday 

Includes: Special Sunday Class (end of month)



Any 10 classes

 4 week expiry



Any 5 classes

2 weeks expiry


7:00am                 Rise & Shine Flow (45)

Every Last Sunday

9:30am                Monthly Specialised Class (90)

6:00pm                 Yang to Yin (60)               

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7:00am                 Rise & Shine Flow (45)

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6:00pm                Ashtanga Concepts (75)

Private Classes 

Single Session



(1 class a week)



(1 class a week for 3 months)


All sessions are 45 mins

Online via on click link and at a time to suit you


Payment options

Are you....

New to yoga?

Want sessions especially designed for you and your needs?

Not sure where to start?

Unsure if yoga is for you?


Do you.....

Want to enhance your personal and regular practice?

Want to learn alignment for your body not generic cues?

Want to get key tips on how to get the most out of your yoga practice?

Want to learn more about the intricacies of yoga and all its practices?

If you answered YES to any of the above

a one-to-one class is just what you are looking for.


I create each session with your wants/needs in mind.

Helping you discover more about

yoga and yourself. 

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Name: R Matthews

S/C: 04-00-04

ACC: 18278541


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