Running private corporate yoga classes can build resilience in the workforce and also improve health, wellbeing, performance and relationships within the workplace.

It is clear now, more than ever, how important our physical and mental well-being is. Yoga is the perfect way to support your team, small or large in an affordable and evidential way.


Due to current circumstances all classes are currently online.

Did you know?

The annual cost of staff sickness in U.K. businesses is £100 billion. 

The U.K. economy pays £15 billion for absence from the workplace just for stress alone. 

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Online Yoga

The Facts​

Most companies in the UK have employee assistance programme (EAP) in place. If people are off sick for longer than 4 weeks they will be referred to occupational health and the best they can hope for is some counselling. The question is how can you continuously manage these stresses in a most cost effective way?

What are the benefits?

Makes the place of work an enjoyable environment

Improves communication skills

Enhances employees’ strength, posture and health


Decreases the frequency and duration of sick days


Improved mindset and emotional intelligence


Boosts morale

Improved focus and productivity

Decreases employees’ fatigue

Why Yoga?


4 week block


(minimum 10 people) 

Single booking 


(minimum 10 people)

2 month block


(minimum 10 people) 

*Classes are all online (updated Jan 2021)

*All class are for 45 mins in duration and usually around lunch, before or after office hours.

*All block bookings are consecutive weeks

*Maximum of 12 month booking available - further discount available.