Free counselling (as I train) available from November 2020.

During my 2.5 years of training I will be able to start counselling straight away but this will only be on a volunteer basis (for no fee).


You would consent to working with me through my training and would give permission to talk about our interactions 

(no name or exact information is ever given but the summary of our time and our relationship rather than details.)

The sessions would be weekly or every 2 weeks and anything from 30mins to 1 hour online.


This opportunity is for anyone who have something they need help working through.  Perhaps just need someone with counselling skills to aid their journey or for someone who needs to talk to an impartial, non-judgemental, trustworthy and open ear.


 If you would like to have a discussion about being part of my training, what counselling actually is and if it is for you, please get in touch:

Counselling available May 2021