Humblebee Retreats are extremely good value and you got a lot for your money.


- Yvette

I enjoyed this experience so much that I've booked another retreat with Humblebee! 


- Rick


Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, a warm welcoming friendly environment is always available.


- Wendy

Rachel is a very approachable person, full of energy, oozes positivity and a very natural teacher.  


- Tracey

I’ve learnt so much! Rachel has a refreshing teaching style.


- Simon

Rachel was very thoughtful and made everyone feel very welcome and comfortable.


- Natalie


I have learnt so much about my yoga practice and myself through her retreats and teachings.



Truly professional but totally authentic in her teachings and advice.


- Charly

By teaching me to be more mindful & sharing meditations that I can use at home, Rachel has had a huge impact on my yoga practice and life style choices. Highly recommend.


- Sam

Humblebees ooze passion for yoga and plant based living! Joyous!


- Karen


Thoughtful, organised and a wonderful retreat!


- Becky

Humblebee is run by the most inspiring shining lights of people you could ever wish to meet. Thank you Rachel for always being you and serving us all. 


- Kirsty

Rachel is a very knowledgeable and thoughtful teacher, Always offering alternatives to those who need and challenges for those wishing to go further. Highly Recommend. 



Rachel takes each person, assesses their body and capability and pushes you above and beyond what you think you're capable of.


- Lisa

Rachel's one to one sessions made my pregnant more comfortable and definitely enabled my body through a safe natural birth and super quick recovery. 100% recommend.


- Jenny

White Branch

Rachel has not only changed my yoga practice but also had a positive impact on my day to day living.


- Shannon

Rachel takes the time to ensure we are all aligned and practicing safely - she gives all abilities a level in each pose that can be achieved.


- Sharren

Creatively put together with little touches to make it feel very personal.


- Hayley


Loved this retreat! Five days of great (vegan) food and yoga!  


- Claire

The most honest and real teacher I have had the pleasure of being taught by.

- Charlotte